Innovation & Grant Funding Support


AMIC offers a portfolio of services to wider industry, whether a large, small or start-up company, across a range of industrial sectors. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as state-of-the art technologies, to solve industry’s real-world issues in product and process development.

We support client engagement through direct funded innovation support. A company can approach AMIC to define and agree objectives, and a specific set of deliverables, for a project to be completed within an agreed timeframe. A commercial agreement is set up and the AMIC team will then work hand-in-hand with our client to deliver a successful outcome for the project, where the company would own any arising Intellectual Property (IP).

We have significant experience over many years of delivering this type of direct funded innovation support for activities such as testing services, design services, simulation, feasibility studies, manufacturing process development or for a company to access expert advice.

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AMIC is not a grant giving body but has a long history of working on grant funded collaborative R&D projects to deliver successful and impactful outcomes. Our highly experienced Business Alliance Team will work directly with companies to define an R&D project, identify appropriate funding opportunities and submit applications to local, national and international funding bodies. We can also link into our extensive network of industrial clients and members, technology suppliers, Research Technology Organisations and Universities to engage other suitable project partners.

AMIC’s expert engineering teams will work collaboratively with all project partners, utilising leading-edge technologies to ensure the defined R&D work packages are delivered. We drive forward the development of innovative products and processes, progressing through Technology Readiness Levels (TRL’s) towards ultimate adoption by our industrial partners.

We have extensive background and knowledge in the project management practices required to underpin delivery of these collaborative R&D projects on time, to budget and in compliance with the requirements of the various funding bodies. AMIC is a significant partner for both industrial-led and AMIC led projects.

 AMIC has an extensive portfolio of successful R&D projects ranging in size from smaller scale, highly focussed engagements, up to very large scale, high value, multi-partner projects delivered over a more extended time period.

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