Launch Projects

AMIC is delivering a series of launch projects to develop and demonstrate new capability in emerging areas of challenge for our industry partners. These have been informed and prioritised by the industry board and wider stakeholders, for example the Northern Ireland Polymers Association (NIPA) for the Polymer project. They are in areas of shared challenge for a range of sectors and show what is possible when companies work with AMIC to apply new technology, and have been informed by our roadmap.

These 6-12 month projects allow us to implement streamlined project management processes, applying best practices that will be adopted in a consistent fashion across all groups. 

Further waves of launch projects will follow.

Smart Design

  • Conceptual design Toolkit/ Framework trade study tool
  • Design Tool, integration of manufacturing and design tools

Digital Factory

  • Machine Learning Methods to improve robot accuracy
  • Factory modelling scenario impact analysis too / digital twin

Sustainable Polymers and Composites

  • Biofibre composite benchmarking
  • Development of Rapid Tooling for Extrusion, Injection Moulding and Composites Processing

Additional projects will be delivered in the Nanotech/photonics space, with further waves of launch projects to follow.