AMIC team members


AMIC undertook a detailed technology roadmapping exercise, which provided an opportunity to deepen industry relationships and strengthen technology steer for the Centre by informing capability development and direction of travel for equipment selection.

AMIC was supported in this by IfM (Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge), which deployed a robust ecosystem and roadmapping methodology involving pre-work submissions, interviews and individual/group feedback from around 100 leaders in advanced manufacturing. 

The AMIC team in the Great Hall


The objective of the consultation was to support development of a ten-year Strategic Technology Roadmap, aligning the requirements of key stakeholders, for AMIC to: 

  • Establish key trends and drivers, manufacturing developments and associated technologies and enablers 
  • Identify areas for government and industry investment, particularly in AMIC as well as associated research priorities and business capability-building requirements 
  • Provide input to regional skills development objectives and identify other emerging corporate capability-building needs that can be owned by industry and regularly reviewed. 

The report is intended to also support wider NI-level strategy development.  

Following the incredible support from industry and the wider technology community in the development of a Strategic Roadmap for AMIC, we have continued to engage in roadmap activity with industry to develop specific capability roadmaps in selected areas and inform decision making.

AMIC Roadmap Summary (PDF)

AMIC Roadmap (PDF)